Developed India: Time Starts Now

Jun 14, 2018

India has only one decade to change its status into a developed country and will need to focus on education, failing which the much-hailed ‘demographic dividend’ will turn into a disadvantage, a report said on Wednesday.

If India is not able to get its act together, it will never be able to go into the developed group of nations, the report by the research wing of country’s largest lender SBI warned.

On This edition of ‘The Big Picture’ we discuss what needs to be to be done to ensure that India is a developed country within the next ten years.

Guests – Sushma Yadav, Professor of Public Policy & Governance, Indian Institute of Public Administration, Shankar Aggarwal, Former Urban Development Secretary, Government of India, T. K. Arun, Editor, Opinion, Economic Times

Anchor – Frank Rausan Pereira

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