61. Lakes severely impacted by acidification will most likely

(a) be clear and blue, but with few fish or other animals.

(b) be dark, muddy, and full of crustaceans and the larvae of insects.

(c) have abundant surface vegetation and many insects but few fish.

(d) be reddish in colour due to the dissolved iron from nearby soils.


62. Most coral reefs are located in shallow water that is not deeper than about 75 meters because below this depth

(a) water temperatures are too cold.

(b) water currents are too fast.

(c) sunlight levels are too low.

(d) there is not enough oxygen


63. A person having which of the following blood groups can receive blood of any group?

(a) A

(b) AB

(c) B

(d) O


64. A plant leaf appears to be green because it

(a) absorbs green light

(b) reflects all but yellow and blue light

(c) reflects green light

(d)  absorbs red and yellow light


65. Small pox is a deadly and highly contagious

(a) bacterial disease

(b) viral disease

(c) fungal disease

(d) vitamin deficiency disease


66. Which one of the following parts of the pitcher plant becomes modified into a pitcher?

(a) Stem

(b) Leaf

(c) Stipule

(d) Petiole


67. Who among the following invented Lasers?

(a) Theodore Maiman

(b) Denis Papin

(c) William Moton

(d) Francis Crick


68. The UN Day is officially celebrated on

(a) 25th December

(b) 24th October

(c) 25th September

(d) 14th November


69. In 1945, fifty nations met to frame the basic Charter for a world organization that would “save the succeeding generations from the scourge of war”. This conference took place at

(a) San Francisco

(b) London

(c) Paris

(d) Moscow

(e) Yalta


70. The Heads of Government of the countries which are members of the Common Wealth meet

(a) once a year

(b) once in two years

(c) once in three years

(d) whenever necessary


71. When was the National Calendar of India introduced for official purposes?

(a) 26 January 1950

(b) 1 April 1957

(c) 22nd March 1957

(d) 26 November 1949


72. When was the national song, “Bande Matram”, which has been published in Anand Math, written by Bankim Chandra Chatterjee?

(a) 1894

(b) 1891

(c) 1873

(d) 1882


73. The language of which dance comprises body gestures, hand movements and eye movements?

(a) Manipuri

(b) Kathakali

(c) Kuchipudi

(d) Kathak

(History & Culture)

74. The term ‘Bishop’ is associated with which game?

(a) Golf

(b) Snooker

(c) Chess

(d) Bridge

(e) Basketball


75. Katha Saritsagara was written by

(a) Valmiki

(b) Patanjali

(c) Kalidasa

(d) Somadeva

(e) Kautilya


76. In which Summer Olympic Games was the Olympic Mascot introduced for the first time?

(a) 1952 Helsinki, Finland

(b) 1960 Rome, Italy

(c) 1972 Munich, Germany

(d) 1980 Moscow, USSR

(e) 1984 Los Angeles, USA


77. The Headquarters of the International Olympic Committee is located at

(a) Athens

(b)  Rome

(c) Paris

(d) Lausanne


78. Who discovered the circulation of blood in the human body?

(a) Edward Jenner

(b) Madam Curie

(c) Jonas Salk

(d) William Harvey


79. Consider the following:

1. Black-necked crane

2. Flying squirrel

3. Cheetah

4. Snow Leopard

Which of the above are naturally found in India

(Environment and Ecology)

  • 2, 3 and 4
  • 1, 2 and 3
  • 1, 2 and 4
  • 1, 3 and 4

80. In which one among the following categories of protected areas in India are the local people not allowed to collect and use the biomass?

(a) Biosphere Reserves

(b) National Parks

(c) Wetlands declared under the Ramsar Convention

(d) Wildlife Sanctuaries

(Ecology & Environment)


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