Development vs Environment

Jun 21, 2018

Nearly 17,000 grown trees will be chopped off for redevelopment of central government accommodations in south Delhi.

Trees have been felled regularly across the country to make way for concrete monstrosities.

Between 2008 and 2017, nearly 20000 thousand trees have been cut in Bengaluru to make way for flyovers, road widening and other projects.

In Gurugram in 2016-17 alone close to 10000 trees were cut.

And according to government data over the last 30 years, forests nearly two-thirds the size of Haryana have been lost to encroachments and industrial projects.

On this edition of the big picture we analyse how development and the environment can co-exist?

Guests – K.T. Ravindran, Urban Designer, Siddhanta Das, Director General of Forests & Special Secretary, Ministry of Environment, Prof. CK Varshney, Environmentalist, Sudhir Krishna, Former Union Secretary Urban Development.

Anchor – Frank Rausan Pereira

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