India’s Worst Water Crisis

Jun 15, 2018

India is suffering from ‘the worst water crisis’ in its history with about 60 crore people facing high to extreme water stress and about two lakh people dying every year due to inadequate access to safe water, NITI Aayog said in a report on Thursday.

The report, titled ‘Composite Water Management Index’ released by the minister for water resources Nitin Gadkari, further said the crisis is only going to get worse.

On this edition of ‘The Big Picture’ we analyse how to deal with the water crisis.

Guests – Nitin Desai, Former Deputy Secretary General, Environment & Development, United Nations (Short Form – Former Dy. S-G, Environment, UN), Masood Husain, Chairman, Central Water Commission, Himanshu Thakkar, Water Activist, Prof. Umesh Kulshrestha, School of Environmental Sciences, JNU Sanjay Kundu, Joint Secretary (Policy & Planning) Ministry of Water Resources, River Development, GoI

Anchor – Frank Rausan Pereira

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